Ultra Shot Reflex Sight Sightmark

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The Sightmark®  series of reflex sights are designed to create a lightweight, yet extremely accurate sight.

The Ultra Shot is Sightmarks biggest and baddest sight in the reflex line, while still being incredibly lightweight for its size. Perfect for shotguns or rifles, the Ultra Shot comes with a built-in, integrated Weaver mount, which fits all standard bases, and is able to withstand heavy recoil from larger calibers.

This, with the ability to choose between 4 different reticle patterns, makes the Ultra Shot an unusually versatile sight. With a wider field of view than any other reflex sight on the market, and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, the Sightmark Ultra Shot is literally in a class by itself!  

- Precision Accuracy - Interlok™ Internal Locking System
- Composite  Body with Metal Protective Shield
- Reliable and Durable - Wide Field of View
- Perfect for Rapid Fire or Moving Target Shooting
- Multi-Reticle (4 Patterns*)
- Low Power Consumption
- Adjustable Reticle Brightness
- Parallax Corrected
- Unlimited Eye Relief
- Built-in Weaver Mount
- Able to Withstand Heavy Recoil Calibers
- Lightweight
- Water Resistant
- Shockproof:
* 5 MOA dot, 3 MOA dot with 50 MOA circle, 3 MOA dot with 50 MOA crossshair, 3 MOA dot with 30 MOA circle/crosshair (subtensions total 50 MOA)

Included in Package:
- Adjustment Tools
- Battery CR1632 3V 25 hour run time on high setting
- Limited Lifetime Warranty