Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui P226E2

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Built like a Swiss watch and just as accurate!

Having seen service by multiple countries and elite units worldwide.
This pistol only lost to the M9 as a US Military service pistol, due to cost not performance.
The P226E2 is the premier undisputed combat pistol in it's class.

Don't settle for any less, put one in your holster today!

(*Please note gas leaking while filling a Tokyo Marui magazine is perfectly normal. Gas is loaded in the Magazine as a liquid. As such any gas or air in the magazine reduces the amount of liquid gas that can be loaded.*)
Length: 196mm
Barrel Length: 97mm
Weight: 735g
Muzzle Velocity: ~366 FPS + with extended 2 Piece  inner barrel (Canadian Importation Requirement)
~300 FPS with Stock Standard Barrel (Included) or with Barrel extension removed.
Caliber 6mm
Magazine: capacity 25 +1 rounds
Material: ABS with Aluminum Alloy Reinforcement parts
Fire Selector: Semi-Automatic / Safety
Power Source: HFC-134A/ Green-gas/Propane
Action: Single /Double