Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui M&P 9 Pistol (Black)

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Don't settle for anything less than a Smith

No this is not a Glock Clone, we'll cover that with the Sigma Series.

A spiritual successor to S&W's older Military and Police Revolvers (Model 10 comes to mind). The M&P9 aims to return the S&W name back into Military and Law enforcement circles.

Designed to be comfortable for both left and right handed shooters, the M&P 9 boast improved ambidextrous operation with both the Safety Release and Slide Catch being accessible on the right or left.

Ambidextrous thumb safety for quick and safe operation of the pistol.

Hinged trigger to reduce the change of accidental discharges 

3 sized backstrap (Small, Medium and Large) for different hand sizes.

Fit in Glock Holsters, no need to search for obscure holsters.

(*Please note gas leaking while filling a Tokyo Marui magazine is perfectly normal. Gas is loaded in the Magazine as a liquid. As such any gas or air in the magazine reduces the amount of liquid gas that can be loaded.*)
Length: 190mm
Barrel Length: 90mm
Weight: 620g
Muzzle Velocity: ~366 FPS + with extended 2 Piece  inner barrel (Canadian Importation Requirement)
~300 FPS with Stock Standard Barrel (Included) or with Barrel extension removed.
Caliber 6mm
Magazine: capacity 25 +1 rounds
Material: ABS with Aluminum Alloy Reinforcement parts
Fire Selector: Semi-Automatic / Safety
Power Source: HFC-134A/ Green-gas/Propane
Action: Single