TAG ML-36 Launcher



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Tactical game innovations  has once again wowed the airsoft world once again with the release of the ML-36 Rifled Grenade launcher.

This single shot COpowered launcher has been designed from ground up by TAG and Madritsch Weapon Technology a Austrian small arms company.

 CNC milled from aluminum alloy this launcher was built with the milsim orientated player in mind, a functional calibrated flip up ladder sight allows for more accurate sighting than possible with standard type launchers.

This under barrel launcher can be mounted on any standard picatinny rail or on a special standalone chassis (Sold separately).

Specifically designed to work only with  the new MK2 type projectile shells released by TAG as stated by the company. Use of non MK2 type shells in the TAG MK2 launchers may incur a jamming or accuracy issues. 

Powered by a 12 gram COCartridge this launcher can propel up to 8 TAG projectiles without the use of expensive and cumbersome self contained gas shells or specialized loaders.

A COgas purge button mounted on the launcher frame allows a partially used COCartridge to be safely removed and a fresh one installed, or to safely put the launcher away for storage.

Why use a standalone TAG CO2 launcher?

Weight savings
With the gas now contained in the launcher instead of the projectile now weighs approx 44g ( TAG Reaper MK2 Shell = 28g)

In comparison a TAG Pro Shell with a reaper MK2 weighs in at approx 228 grams.

This allows a grenadier to carry more ammunition comfortably at a lower cost per round.

Range Increase
With the standalone launcher the maximum range of the launcher also increases to 170m as opposed to a self contained shell with a maximum range of 120M (50M Difference 41% increase in range)


Length: 320mm
Barrel Length: 216 mm Rifled Barrel  ~(1:14)
*Important please align the rifling band on the TAG MK 2 Projectile Shell with the rifling grooves in the barrel of the launcher, failure to do so may result in a jam or premature destruction of the projectile shell.*

Construction: Aluminum Alloy and 
Cartridge Type: 36MM X 40mm   (*Launcher can only fire TAG MK2 Type Shells*)
Launcher comes with 5 shell casings
Power Source: 12g CO2 Cartridge ( 1 Cartridge will fire 8 Tag Rounds)**
* COSold separately*
*Estimates based on conditions (0°C - 30°C with 15m/s wind-speed) Actual real world conditions may vary
Velocity: ~ 32 M/S (104 FPS) 
Weight Unloaded : 1100g (1341g <1.34 KG> Loaded
Action: Breach Loaded Single Shot self resetting pneumatic 
Effective range: ~75M
Maximum Firing range: ~170m
Sight Type:  Fixed Iron sight (Folded down Close combat mode) and Ladder Sight (Folded up Direct fire mode)
*Note Sights Calibrated in +/- 15°C Conditions, Kentucky windage applies when operating outside these conditions*
Selector Type: Cross-bolt (Safe/Fire) near trigger guard
CO2 Gas Purge button near frame
Mounting solution: RIS (Standalone frame sold separately)
Material: CNC processed aluminum alloy and nylon fiber
Fire Selector: Cross-bolt Type: Safe Fire
Included: x5 Shell Casings, x1 Manual, x1 Patch