TRMR (Tactical Reloadable Maritime Ready - BFG)

Concept Tactical


  • $189.95

"Chuck Norris throws a grenade, kills 10 people, then the grenade explodes"

                                 Now in Various Colours!

Made from Milspec Anodised Aluminum and Stainless steel this grenade is ready for the school of hard knocks. Seawater resistant and fully submersible (We are not responsible for grenades lost in large bodies of water)

No need to fuss around with the right gas to use or batteries to install, this device is all mechanical, with a munition base that accepts standard .209 primers.

The Inertia Recoil Firing system ensures discharge of the grenade from a drop height of 30cm (12 inches) on a hard surface. The Grenade may not discharge when landing on softer surfaces to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Twist to arm safety system ensures no pins are misplaced or safeties to remember to disengage. The Device is safe until armed by twisting.

(Because of the heft of the device please do not throw the device overhand or like a fastball)

Far too good looking to Chuck!