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The PTS Mega arms MML Maten GBBR is another faithful replica of the Mega arms MML .308 Platform. This piece features a 14" MLOK Aluminum rail with a billet style aluminum upper reciever. This rife has a 16 outer barrel which is the ideal blend between portability and long range performance making this piece the ideal DMR. This piece features a M16A2 fire selector group (Safe, Semi and 3 round burst). Externally the MAten features PTS extarnals including an ehanced polymer grip, Backup ironsights, Polymer LR Magazines and Polymer stock.

-14" Lightweight MLOK
- 16" barrel
-Mega Arms Skeletonized Trigger
-PTS-EPM LR Magazine (GBB Magazine)

-PTS Enhanced Back up Iron sight
-PTS-EP pistol grip features improved ergonomics with a aggressive 360° texturing for improved grip.
-PTS-EPS Stock, Fully functional retractable polymer stock. This stock has a unique but comfortable cheek weld with built in storage compartments.
-Steel Bolt for durability and heavier felt recoil impulses.
-Rail mounted Front and rear BUIS
-Aluminum upper and lower receiver reduces weight without sacrificing durability.
-Authentic Mega Arms Trademarks
-Unique Serial Number
-Functional 3 round burst setting

Gun Length: 927.1- 1,009.7mm
Outer Barrel Length: 422.3 mm (16")
Inner Barrel Length: 441.3mm
Hopup Type: KWA Propertiary
Weight: 4.09 KG with Mag
Muzzle Velocity: ~400FPS+
Rate of Fire: ~14+ RPS
Power Source : Green Gas
Mag. Capacity 40 Rounds
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: 3 Position M16A2 (Safe, Single, 3 Round Burst) Non Ambidextrous (Right Side Selector)