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PTS EPM M4 Magazine (GBBR) Black

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The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine or EPM mid capacity magazine differs greatly from the competition.

Constructed from Dupont Zytem™ thermoplastic polyamide with a black finish.  This magazine offers high strength, abrasion and impact resistance. With a unique snag free design, Recessed panels on the magazine body allow for better grip on the magazine by the user.

Ammunition checks can be done by noting the location of the follower through see through ports.

Double injection molded rubber floor-plate is compatible PMAG® RANGER PLATE™. By itself the magazine base-plate has ribbed edges that allow for quicker magazine extraction from deeper magazine. 

The top of the magazine features a switch to activate or disable bolt locking, allowing dry fire practice without ammunition.

Holding 38 rounds this magazine is compatible with PTS/KWA/KSC GBBR Rifles only. This magazine is designed to use greengas/propane only, using other gases may prematurely wear the magazine seals.

Gas magazines are never to be left empty as this too will cause seals and valves to dry up and leak.