Pantac C1 LWMS MKI Rig Multicam

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Pantac C1 LWMS MKI Rig Multicam

NOTE: This item does not come from the factory with a suspension system, such as a shoulder harness, waist harness, or any other means of attachment for wear. This item is sold as a static panel. Purchasers will have to procure either a hydration harness, plate carrier, or modular backpack designed to integrate onto the vest hardpoints. Alternately, users can procure a standard harness, produced by Pantac, in the H-harness or X-Harness configuration. For more information, please give us a call and we'll be happy to assist. 

Light Weight Modular System, Low-cost high-utility static chest rig that can still adapt to many mission requirements. 

*Image shows Coyote Brown Color 

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