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Oil Pump Stand Alone Kit

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Easily and permanently oils your propane tank. Proper lubrication maintains and extends the life of your Gas Guns and Tornados.

Requires AI GunGas Kit or AI Propane Adaptor (Incl. in GunGas Kit)

- Easily fill your propane tank with GBB & Tornado Oil

- Takes a minute to oil a tank

- Use it once and you're good to go for the life of the propane tank

- Includes premium 1.5wt ultra-light silicone oil, selected for use in GBBs/GBBRs

- Includes premium silicone oil specifically selected to condition seals and sliding parts in all Tornado grenade, maintains accuracy of timer function in Timer grenade

- Includes 2 reusable hang tags, to properly label lubricated propane tanks

- Made in Canada!