Ninja Black Carbon Fiber Tank with PROV2 SLP Regulator

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The Ninja 90/4000 tank is a carbon fiber high pressure air tank capable of holding 90 cubic inches of compressed air at pressures up to 4500 psi. Made in the USA, it comes with a five year hydrotesting date, and a relief valve to ensure that situations of overpressure do not damage or destroy the tank. The 90/4000 tank is available in an attractive black finish, or in an attractive grey finish that exposes the carbon fiber threads in the resin, allowing for a unique look.

The Super Low Pressure (SLP) Fixed Regulator turns the standard Ninja Paintball Carbon Fiber tank into a SLP regulated HPA tank, outputting at a pressure of 300 PSI or lower. This allows it to be used with an SLP regulator, meaning that less work has to be done to step down the pressure from the tank to the gun, and less wear and tear will occur. These rigs have the benefit of being cheaper than standard regulators and their rigs, but are only compatable with SLP items. This regulator will output at 300 PSI.