ICS MP5 SD5 Sportline

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ICS launched the durable yet economic plastic body version MX5 for skirmish players. Except the body and tappet are made from industrial standard plastic, all the designs are the same as the designs of the metal version MX5. The internal parts are also the same as the parts of the metal version MX5. There are two magazines and 1,000 pellets included in the package. They are solid, durable, and light. It is very easy to upgrade your plastic MX5 into a metal MX5. That should make the plastic MX5 a first choice for beginners and/or for those on a budget!

length: 620mm
Outer Barrel Length: 230mm
Inner Barrel Length: 229mm
Hopup Type: TM MP5 Type
Weight: 2000g
Muzzle Velocity: ~400 FPS
Battery Type: 9.6V Ni-Mh  1600 Mah Numchuck or 7.4V Li-Po 1000Mah Stick/Numchuck *Batteries Not Included*
Connector size: Small Tamiya
Battery location: Stock (Rear Wired)
Mag: Capacity 230 rounds High Capacity 
Motor: Long Type
Gearbox: Version 2 (MP5 Type)
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: Navy 3 Position Ambidextrous  (Safe, Semi, Auto)