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MSM Old School Patch (Various Colours)

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Did you start airsoft in the 90s? 

Remember when a Tokyo Marui M4 cost over $1000? 

Reminisce about when the first rule of airsoft club was "Don't talk about airsoft club"? 

If yes to any of these questions, we have the patch for you! The MSM Old School patch recognizes your life experiences and reminds others that it's not your first rodeo. Capable of ending arguments with an annoyed, yet stern look, the MSM Old School patch is a force to be reckoned with, provided you have the requisite life experience and understand the following pop culture references: 

- 8 Tracks 
- Betamax 
- Vinyl Records 
- 1973 Oil Crisis 
- Dodge Aspen 
- Pet Rocks 
- Lava Lamps 
- Ford Pintos 
- Volkswagen Bus 
- Excessive Velour 
- Yoko Ono 
- Three Mile Island 
- Woodstock (Not the 1999 one, that sucked. Also, not the town in Ontario.)

'Tis a dangerous venture to wear the Old School patch without the life experience that comes with aging in piss and vinegar... so buyers be warned. But, if you remember Jane Fonda in Hanoi, this is the patch for you, so wear it with pride and stoic confidence