KWA M1911A1

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A common problem we see with most 1911 based airsoft pistols is the limited space in the magazine to house the internal gas reservoir.

Ultimately this leads to the pistol not being able to discharge a full magazine of BB's before running out of gas.

As the original Marui spec 1911's utilized a lightweight plastic slide to provide unmatched gas efficiency, most copies use less efficient and heavier metal slides. 

Various methods have been tried, mainly higher pressure CO2 gas magazines as seen with KJW and KWC. Or users short loading magazines to ensure the ammunition supply matches the propellant supply.

KWA on the other hand uses a radically redesigned and gas efficient NS2/System 7 gas system, this is one of the few green gas 1911 based pistols capable of emptying a full magazine.  


Length: 215mm
Barrel Length: 113mm
Weight: 950gram
Muzzle Velocity: ~380 FPS
Caliber 6mm
Magazine: capacity 21+1 rounds (Non Marui Compatible)
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: Safe/Fire
Power Source: Green-gas/Propane
Action: Single Action
Fire Selector: Automatic Grip Safety, Thumb Safety only works when gun is cocked. Fully functional half cock safety provided from hammer.

Image is for illustration purposes only, product comes with orange tip,
black barrel is provided by Manufacturer to be installed.