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KJW KP-07 MEU Pistol CO2

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There are a thousand variants of the M1911 pistol, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. But, king among them all, is the MEUSOC pistol. The MEUSOC pistol, known in shorthand as the MEU pistol, is a single stack .45ACP pistol with upgrades that make it a potent sidearm in the hands of a modern Marine.

The airsoft version, known as a KP-07, faithfully replicates the MEUSOC pistol.

The first change comes in a dovetail for the front sight, and a cutout for the rear sight. Compared to the USGI M1911, the sights on this KP-07 pistol are adjustable, and easily aimed, being based off the M1911 Novak Steel sights. The KP-07 grip is wrapped in an imitation Hogue Rubber Grip, reducing felt recoil and improving the ergonomics of the grip. An extended beavertail and ring hammer prevent slide bite, and the ambidextrous safeties are enlarged for ultimate control. A dust cover rail on the KP-07 allows one to mount lights or lasers. Lastly, the trigger of the KP-07, as light and sharp as it is, can be adjusted for overtravel - when it goes off, choose how much further you want the trigger to go. All of these changes ensure that this pistol is effective as can be.

Compatable with all KJ and TM parts for M1911, the KP-07 MEU is our most popular pistol. It will fit in all 1911 holsters that are designed a railed M1911. If you're looking for the best of the best - look no further than the KP-07.