KJW M1911A1 CO2 Refurbished

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The M1911 is the quintessential semi-automatic pistol. Every pistol produced in the last century can trace its lineage back to Browning's original patents for the Model 1911 pistol. Up against competitors such as the P08 Luger and a Savage Arms prototype, it blew army testers away with its reliability, ergonomics, and safety mechanisms. A century later, thousands of variants exist, but none are quite as prolific as the M1911A1.

The M1911A1 was released in 1926 with modifications, such as a curved backstrap, shortened hammer, and recessed frame for trigger access. It has been carried in battlefields from Vietnam to Germany to Japan and everywhere in between. With a single stack magazine, the airsoft version can carry up to 14 rounds in a slim, easy to use grip. The grip safety compliments the physical safety, ensuring the gun will only go off when the trigger is pulled. Speaking of the trigger, the trigger on the M1911A1 sets the standard for all other pistols. It is short, light, and sharp - making this a very accurate shooter.

This gun will be compatible with M1911 holsters, and can be used either with CO2 or Green Gas magazines. CO2 magazines are more powerful, and one comes with the gun. Green Gas magazines are closest to the actual magazine's design, and will lower velocity compared to the CO2 magazines. 

Parts Installed:

x1 Wiitech 1911 Metal power up nozzle set r

Box Includes:
x1 Highflow Valve for Green gas Magazine
x1 Recoil Spring set (Optimized for Green Gas operation)
x1 Nozzle return spring (Optimized for Green Gas operation)
x1 KJW CO2 Magazine
x1 KJW Magazine Loading Tool
X1 Manual KJW 1911
x1 Allen Key
x1 Box of BB's