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KJ Works KP01-E2 (2 piece threaded inner barrel)

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This is the definitive "Wonder Nine" pistol. Sig Sauer's P226 was a revolution when it was launched in the mid-80s, fighting with the Beretta 92F for the XM9 pistol contract. Narrowly losing out to the Beretta over the total package cost, the P226 soon found favour with other elite agencies and organizations operating in the grey zones of modern conflict.

The Sig Sauer's E2 configuration is an update on the P226 to address issues with the original grip, promoting a smaller yet more tactile grip with a shorter trigger reach. Used by organizations such as CANSOFCOM (In .357) and Vancouver Police (In .40), the Sig Sauer is the definitive DA/SA pistol.

KJW has made a wonderful replica ready for CO2 and Green Gas. Just swap the magazines, and off you go. In recent years, the "Polymer Wonder Nine" has overshadowed the Sig Sauer, but for those looking for durability under stress, look no further than here. Comes with a 2 piece inner barrel.