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ICS launch "Galil series", which is the AEG version of the classic rifle designed by I.M.I. (Israel Military Industries). This classic rifle combines the durability of AK74 series with the precision of M16 series. After Yom Kippur war, the Galil rifle was issued as the official rifle to the I.D.F. (Israel Defense Forces) military service. After the experiencing the small-scale battles, "Galil rifles" become one of world famous assault rifle because of excellent durability and accuracy. Then I.M.I developed more variant models, such as Galil ARM, assault rifles machine and Galil AR, assault rifles. Now ICS releases two versions of AEG for experienced Airsoft player. One is 挞夆聛襂CS ICAR ARM挞夆洛� and the other is 挞夆聛襂CS ICAR AR挞夆洛�. ICS ICAR series have the following features, just here waiting for your review and enjoy the play with them! ICS ICAR is worth more than its price. It will also be an ICS Icon master piece to satisfy market demand. Classic rifle lovers can buy ICS ICAR not only for collection but also for war game. Take the 3.5kg "ICS ICAR ARM挞夆洛� as an example, the quick release bipod let the player be a sniper and at prone-position easily. After releasing the bipod, the weight of ICS ICAR Arm is only 3.0 kg. Players can quickly join allies and give fire support. As to "ICS ICAR AR", it has the same barrel length, plastic handguard except the bipod. This rare classic AEGs allows you become the focus in the war game. Currently most Galil AEG on the market is super-expensive. The price is too high to buy one and the blow back system is easily broken. So many fans of "Galil rifle" have not dare to get one. ICS ICAR AEG is made by real firearms industry production process plus affordable price to support ICS fans. The unique designs, "the simultaneous act grip fire select lever " let you keep your fire position when you are changing the firing mode. ICS has the spirit of innovation shown in the product design, again. The new ICS ICAR series utilize large number of steel dewaxing process to achieve the structure and material design concept the of real firearms. The steel dewaxing processes not only strengthen body structure, but also provide the vintage feel of classic rifle. In order to increase the collective value of Galil AEG, ICS copy the I.D.F. equipment in particular and inscribe Hebrew on lower receiver. ICS ARM has solid wood handguard. When the players hold ICS ICAR AEG, as if the time goes back to the Arab-Israeli war. The scenes of I. D.F. to defend the their boundary and homeland just come into our sight. Reproduce the real gun design, the fire select lever on right side and grip selector manual act simultaneously. Players can adjusted fire mode to safety, semi-auto and full auto without changing their fire posture. This design is practical, functional and fun. Israel Defense Forces(IDF) officially uses Galil. Each ICS ICAR is engraved Hebrew letters and serial no., Collectors will enjoy the consideration from ICS. ICS utilizes the similar production process to real gun. The upper cover is made of stamping steel. The lower receiver is made of aluminum alloy die-casting. The solid gun body structure let you worry about nothing in the combat Gun body joint, folding stock bracket, rear sight set, front sight group, Quick release bi-pod挞夆洛_etc are all made by dewaxing process, the appearance shows the vicissitudes of life has gone through the battle and shows perseverance. ICS ICAR ARM has quick release bipod, which can be ingeniously folded and fixed under the solid wood handguard, the bipod simulate a more ingenious appearance of real bipod, wire cutting and bottle opener function. Only ICS ICAR keep the appearance of real gun and the functions in the same time. "M120 Spring" and "eight-hole silent piston head " are the standard specifications of ICS ICAR. The upgrade grade "eight-hole silent piston head " can keep appropriate pressure in cylinder and increase the durability of piston and gears. Therefore you do not have to worry about upgrades. the classics and technology are combined together at once Movable charging handle 挞夆聣巯 You can enjoy the reproduced act of real gun. In the same time you could adjust hop-up to change the trajectory. It挞夆聣恽s another unique design which combine the practical and entertaining function For more information about ICS, click HERE

Gun Length: 750-980mm

Inner Barrel Length: 515mm
Weight: 3000g
Muzzle Velocity: ~400FPS
Battery Type: 9.6v 1600MaH
*Batteries Not Included*
Connector size: Small Tamiya
Battery Location: Stock (Rear wired)
Mag. Capacity 400 rounds High Capacity 
Motor: Short Type
Material: Steel
Fire Selector: 3 Position Selector (Safe, Semi Auto, Automatic)