High Power LiPo Pack 11.1V 1000mAh Tenergy

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Batteries Cannot be Returned if Package is Opened

High Power Lipo Pack 11.1V 1000mAh Tenergy

*LiPo batteries cannot be drained below the operating voltage of 3 volts per cell. 
If the battery is drained past this state it cannot be recharged.*

We recommend purchasing a Low voltage buzzer or cell checker. Typically when a AEG Rate of fire slows down it is a good indicator to remove the battery pack. 

DO NOT crush, puncture, incinerate, short circuit or disassemble LiPo Batteries.

Leaving a LiPo plugged into a mosfet equipped gun will drain the LiPo over time and result in a dead battery. 

Dimensions (LWH) Per cell x3 : 100.5mm  x 21mm x 6mm