GATE TITAN V3 Rear Wire AEG MOSFET - Drop-in Module (Advanced Edition)

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TITAN™ (drop-in mosfet) will transform your AEG into an advanced training weapon system allowing you to gain the tactical advantage of an extremely fast trigger response with an option of adapting your AEG to different missions with over 20 functions. Gate TITAN opens up an entirely new dimension of experience for the airsoft market.

Gate TITAN offers advanced features and adjustment options such as:

  1. Fire Selector Modes
    6 Modes of adjustment (New)

  2. Trigger Sensitivity adjustment

  3.  Cycle Detection

  4. Burst Fire, configurable to 2,3,4,5, 8 or 10 Rounds

  5. Burst Mode, Auto Selector Setting
    (New) Trigger can be used to select burst fire modes

  6. Pre cocking

    (New) Trigger controlled pre cocking, long trigger pull engages pre cocking, and short pull of the trigger releases the piston.

    (New) User Set pre cocking levels determines how far back the piston is locked back when pre cocking mode is turned on. 3 Settings Full, Mid and minimal.

  7. Adjustable Rate of Fire control
    (New) Smart trigger allows for faster gearbox response with first shot.
    On detection of first trigger pull the microprocessor will increase the rate of fire to 100% to allow for reduced spin up time. The follow up shots fired in succession after the first shot is returned back to previously defined rate of fire levels to reduce gearbox wear and tear.

  8. Sniper/DMR Delay
  9. Battery protection
  10. Low battery warning
  11. Equalizer
    (New) Dynamic trigger point

  12. AUG fire mode
  13. Manual active Breaking Setting
    User set active braking levels
  14. Statistics and Ratings
  15. Diagnostic Mode
  16. Firmware Update
  17. Firmware Upgrade

 TITAN has eight optical sensors:-

  1. 1 gear sensor
  2. 2 selector sensors
  3. 5 trigger sensors 

Thanks to these sensors:-

 There is no need to set burst time. You can set burst between two and 10 shots.

  1. Pre-cocking is fully operational in SEMI, BURST and AUTO mode and there is no need to set pre-cocking boost manually. You can easily set the pre-cocking as high, mid or low.
  2. FULL CYCLE - when the pre-cocking is off, TITAN ensures that the gearbox always makes a full cycle.

 You can trust TITAN because:

  1. Thanks you cycle detection, every time you pull the trigger, the gearbox completes the correct cycle. The gears stop exactly where they should thus the gearbox works efficiently.
  2. It is protected against short-circuits, overheating and overloading.
  3. It protects the battery against over-discharge.
  4. It significantly improves battery life, rate of fire, spring life and gearbox reliability (when pre-cocking is off).
  5. It is compatible with the strongest AEG replicas and batteries (ready to use with Li-Po 14.8V, 5000 mAh, 60C).

 Why TITAN is so special?

 It has a user-friendly configuration via the Tactical Programming Card and/or GATE Control Station

  1. It has option to make firmware updates via the internet
  2. It has innovative optical sensors instead of mechanical switches that can be prone to faults
  3. It replicates a trigger response like in a real gun
  4. It replaces the cut-off lever
  5. It is compatible with DSG and SSG gears
  6. It is compatible with most v2 gearboxes (including cnc) on the market with minimal gearbox shell modifications

Our honest review

Gate TITAN currently is the most reliable, easy to install, innovative and feature rich MOSFET on the airsoft market. After having installed hundreds of these MOSFETs in different brands of AEGs and stress testing them, we can confidently say that this MOSFET is a leader in its class by offering the user the peace of mind and tactical advantage through its features, ruggedness and a track record of high reliability.


The kit includes:

  1. TITAN Drop-in module (Rear wired) for V3 Gearbox
  2. Installation kit
  3. USB-Link Module
  4. USB programming cables

  5. Quick start guides for the programming card, USB-link and the TITAN module 

Notice: To run the Drop-in Module, it is necessary to have the TITAN USB-Link included in this kit as it is not programmed out of the box. Professional installation of this product is highly recommended. 

12 Month Manufacturer's warranty against defect and craftsmanship; however, the warranty does not cover abuse or improper installation. In order to claim warranty, consumers MUST contact GATE Electronics directly. 

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