G&G TR16 MBR 556 WH

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This may be the most cutting edge AEG put out by G&G thus far...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the new G&G TR16 MBR 556 WH with the newly redesigned G2 gearbox.

A gearbox is the heart of a AEG, the engine of the car one might say. Listening to feedback from players worldwide, G&G engineers have decided to overhaul the heart of the beast.


75% increase in shell thickness and a 70% increase in gearbox height. This results in reinforcement to the side and bottom of the gearbox.

A quicker change spring guide makes makes it easier to change mainsprings for desired power levels.

Enhancements to the mock bolt system allows for easier access to the hopup unit while wearing gloves.

Airseal Components
Both the air nozzle and cylinder head are now made from CNC aluminum with double O rings. This result in a overall improvement to airseal. Additional padding added to the cylinder head reduces the change of gearbox shell cracking. 

Newly redesigned Electronic Trigger Unit + Mosfet  features a 50% size reduction 
This allows for slightly more room in the buffer tube for battery. Low voltage cutoff with audible warning alarm helps players better manage LiPo batteries. 

Empty magazine detection with compatible STANAG magazines, gun will not fire unless a magazine is inserted. Last round cutoff detection is available only with the G&G G2 90 round mid capacity magazines.

A redesigned bevel gear reduces noise and heat, while improving mechanical power transfer from the motor. A simple wire guard near the motor prevents wires from being shredded by the pinon.


Gun Length: 920mm
Inner Barrel Length: 463mm
Hopup Type: Polymer rotary type
Weight: 3090g
Muzzle Velocity: ~400FPS
Battery Type: 11.1v 1000 MaH LiPo Stick/ Numchuck
*Batteries Not Included*
Connector size: Small Tamiya
Battery Location: Buffer tube (Rear wired)
Mag. Capacity 90 Rounds Low Capacity
Motor: Long type high torque
Gearbox: G&G G2 
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: Ambidextrous 3 Position AR-15 (Safe, Single, Auto) 
Trigger is programmable for 2 or 3 round burst modes.