G&G CM16 Light Machine Gun

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"It's a machinegun!"

Introducing G&G's take on the Ares Shrike 5.56x45mm Support weapon.
In a nutshell a Shrike is a piston operated belt fed conversion for AR-15 type weapons. Designed to operate as a belt fed weapon or as a magazine fed weapon (Drum mag, Beta C Mag or standard 20-30 Round magazines).

This weapon system is designed to be a lighter weight alternative to traditional
Support weapons.

As a airsoft rifle, the value of this system is it's inter-operability with standard Ver.2 parts.

A similar layout to a regular CM16 Combat machine make this support gun a ideal choice for players not willing to step out of their comfort zone for a new unfamiliar AEG. 

Since this gun is capable of feeding from the traditional magazine well, no new/unique magazines are needed to run the gun. If the box mag runs dry during a middle of a firefight spare magazines or magazines from teammates can keep the gun in the fight for just abit longer.

-MLOK Handguard (Segments not included)
-Included Combination Vertical grip Bipod
-Same Gearbox as the metal G&G M4
-Standard V2 Gearbox (No surprises inside)
-Electronic Trigger unit (ETU) allows for lighter trigger pull (Micro switch) and
11.1v Lipo Compatibility 
- 2500 Round Box Magazine is powered by x2 (CR123 Batteries *Not Included)
- Cool dummy bullet belt
- Compatible with STANAG M4/M16 Magazine well to take advantage of
Scale of economy offered by the most popular style of AEG on the market.
-Lightweight High Strength Nylon Fiber instead of the Toylike ABS plastic. 
-Easy Access to Battery compartment, without the use of tools. We do recommend the standard 9.6v NIMH Numchuck battery easily found in any airsoft shop or proshop.
-Best of all one of the few Guns on the market backed by G&G's 90 day limited warranty.
-(We do recommend filling out the Warranty form to take advantage of G&G's offer)

Well what are you waiting for?, get out there and lay down some supressive fire today!

Gun Length: 785 - 823mm
Outer Barrel Length: 266.7mm (10.5" Outer Barrel)
Inner Barrel Length: 300mm
Hopup Type: M4/M6 Rotary Type Adjustable
Weight: 4135g
Muzzle Velocity: ~400FPS
Battery Type: 9.6v Numchuck/ 7.4v 1000 MaH Numchuck/ 11.1v 1000 MaH Buttefly

*Batteries and Chargers Not Included*

Connector size: Small Tamiya
Battery Location:Stock (Rear wired)
Mag Capacity: 2500 round box magazine Included
(Box Mag Powered by x2 CR123 *Batteries not Included*) 
Compatible with regular STANAG M4/M16 Magazines (*Not Included*)
Motor: Long Type
Gearbox: Standard Version 2
Material: Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: 3 Position AR-15 (Safe, Single, Auto) Non Ambidextrous