B&L Fogshield sport anti fog and lens cleaning wipes

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Baush & Lomb Fogshield Sport
Anti Fog and Lens cleaning wipes.

2 piece anti fog treatment & lens cleaning system, Applicator and buffer cloth in disposable foil packet. Anti fog protection for up to 8 hours (*Actual experience may vary*)

Usage instructions:
1. Tear open applicator cloth packet and unfold, lightly brush away any abrasive debris and wipe both sides of your else thoroughly.

2. Tear open buffing cloth packet and unfold. Buff both sides of your lenses until dry and clear.

Some Coated lenses may require additional buffing to eliminate streaking.
Keep the cloth to remove any debris that build up during your activies.

*Warning Do not use this product on surfaces pre-treated with anti-fog coating as it may cause scratches or damage the coating*

*Do not use on lenses that have anti-reflective coatings or lenses that have been treated with crizal. *

*Not for use on contact lenses*

*Anti fog protection duration may vary depending on atmospheric conditions, cleaning the lenses with soap and water may also effect duration.*

Product contains silicone and isopropyl alcohol