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Elite Force Kill Rag (Various Colours)

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Hit! Hit! I'm hit already stop shooting me!!!!

Kill rag go AWOL during combat? Tired of searching through various pockets to find your kill rag? 

Elite force has come up with the end all solution for kill rag storage.
This tiny 6" x  2" x 1"  MOLLE/PALS/Belt mounted pouch is easily placed in a accessible location. 

Velcro Mounted Pull tab allows for easy deployment of kill rag without the need to search pockets, open pouches etc.

The 12" x 12" Red Kill flag is permanently attached to the pouch and can be spotted from a distance.

Retrieval of Kill rag is as easy as stuffing the rag back into the pouch and reattaching the velcro pull tab to the pouch. It's such a simple concept that you'd be probably thinking to yourself "Why didn't I think about that"

Pouch comes in Tan and Black.