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Echo1 ZB30 JP 87

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Czech out this piece of history!

Spare Black Muzzle Break Included!

No it's not a Bren gun or a Japanese Type 96/9 Light machinegun, but instead this is a later variation of the world famous ZB-26 Light machinegun.

Chambered in 7.92 x57 mm Mauser this machinegun packed quite a punch during the opening stages of the second world war. Although outpaced by late war designs the ZB series machineguns served  on both sides on the conflict.

The Echo one ZB-30 would like to bring you back to a era, when Light Machine-guns where crew served and anything but light.

Featuring a removable outer barrel that comes off like the real one, Echo one has gone to great lengths to ensure authenticity. 

The Rear sight features a working elevation drum for quick adjustments. The Rear sight itself is fully adjustable for windage as well.

Top feeding High Capacity Magazine feeds from the top and is easily accessible by the Assistant gunner for period correct operation.

The Gun is constructed primarily out of Aluminum alloy and weighs in at 6.1kg.

Get yours today before it becomes another piece of history!

Gun Length: 1190mm

Inner Barrel Length: 650mm
Hopup Type: Custom Rotary
Weight: 6.1 kg
Muzzle Velocity: ~400 FPS
Battery Type:  7.4 1600MAH Brick or 9.6v 1600MAH Brick (Plenty of space in the Buttstock)
*Batteries Not Included*
Connector size: Small Tamiya
Battery location: Stock 
Mag: Capacity: 650 Rounds top feed High Capacity Magazine
Motor: Long Type 
Gearbox: E1 ZB30 Type 
Material: ABS and Aluminum Alloy
Fire Selector: Left Handed Thumb Safety and Automatic