CYTAC Polymer Magazine Holder (Multiple Variations)

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A Glock 17 carries 17 rounds of ammunition, or in airsoft version, 28 rounds. That's certainly more than pistols used to carry, but sometimes it's just not enough. Same goes for guns such as the M9/92FS, and the 1911. CYTAC presents an affordable option in the form of the Cytac Magazine Holder. Made of Polymer, this holder holds two magazines of your selected pistol in a ready to use friction hold. All you need to do is pull up on your magazine to access it, and push in to secure it. The Cytac Magazine Holder is made of high quality polymer, similar to that used by firearm accessory companies Fobus, Uncle Mike's, and Blackhawk! These pouches attach to a paddle, though other mounting options are available. Retention is adjustable to your liking.

Options available for the G-series magazines, the M9/92FS series magazines, and 1911 .45 series magazines.