CYTAC Level 2 Polymer Holster (Multiple Variations)

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A sidearm is often the last line of defence, and with that status comes a need for security, reliability, and simplicity. Yet the most common holster, the universal nylon holster, does not offer that at all. It does not lock or securely hold the pistol without dramatic user intervention. Its universal nature allows for multiple fits, but the looseness of such a design allows for the ejection of magazines, or worse, the loss of a sidearm. Lastly, the straps and flaps used on such holsters slows down and complicates a draw, costing precious seconds. So what is one to do? CYTAC has a value-packed proposition for airsofters worldwide. Their injection moulded polymer holsters provide passive locking of your sidearm, with the security of a holster made specifically for your gun. Holstering your gun will automatically lock it into the holster, meaning one less thing to worry about. Unholstering requires that you simply depress the locking paddle with your trigger finger, resulting in a smooth and quick draw in moments of need. CYTAC has models for several different firearms, including: - All models of double stack Glock (Excluding Glock 36, 42, 43) - All models of double stack Sig Sauer (P226, 227, 228, 229) - All models of single stack 1911 - All models of Beretta 92/96/M9/M9A1 - (NEW!) All models of Airsoft Hi-Capa Pistols! The paddle included with these holsters allows for quick and easy attachment to your belt, while the silicone backing provides friction and stability under stress. The holster is adjustable for angle of draw.