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CAA RONI Carbine Kit for Sidearms (GLOCK Series )

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The pistol is a status symbol that permeates modern society, and nowhere is this better reinforced than in a quick glance at modern media. For an airsoft point of view, the pistol is a reliable and inexpensive way of getting into the sport, balancing cool factor with practicality. Yet for all its status, the pistol is an incredibly limited tool. Up against any sort of long-arm, such as a shotgun or a rifle, the user of a pistol will find their magazine capacity limited, and their accuracy hampered by a short sight radius, a high percentage of recoiling mass, and the stress reaction of having to use it under pressure.

The CAA RONI Carbine Kit for Sidearms is the solution to this problem. Where a rifle is limited in its utility, the CAA RONI kit installs in seconds around your pistol to turn it into a carbine with the advantages of a long-arm, but the benefits of a pistol. The clamshell design requires no screws or silly fasteners to work with - just captive pins. The stock is adjustable for length of pull, and the MIL-STD-1913 rail on the CAA RONI Carbine Kit for Sidearms allows the user to select the optic they need for effective completion of their objectives. Best of all, the CAA RONI, despite being a large shell for your pistol, does not cover the controls, meaning you retain all the functions of your pistol, including the ability to resolve malfunctions with a large ambidextrous charging handle. Lastly, pistols have a limited capacity, but the CAA RONI Kit for Sidearms allows you to mount an extra magazine in a easily accessible but unobtrusive location.

No modification is needed to your pistol. This item is not intended for use with real firearms.