ASG M40A3 Sniper Rifle (Spring)

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The M40A3 is iconic. It's been in movies, the hands of our men and women in uniform, and just about any video game made in the last ten years. To understand it, we must go back to its roots - The Remington M700. The Remington M700 is a bolt action rifle that has found itself adopted by a wide variety of militaries and police forces around the world, as well as the average shooter. Part of the reason for this is its customizability. Available in just about any caliber, the rifle can be tailored to the user's needs. 

Enter the M40A3 rifle. The USMC was in need of a proper marksman's rifle, and found it in the Remington 700. Though it wasn't quite a perfect match, the USMC's armourers had enough to start with. Using the short action R700 in 7.62, the USMC specified the use of the MacMillan fiberglass stock, allowing for precision bedding that would lead to accurate yet easily replicable fire. 

ASG has done an excellent job in replicating the M40A3. It features a heavyweight polymer stock, just like the actual rifle. Bedded in that rifle stock, is a machined aluminum receiver and barrel. You'll be pleased to know that the rifle features a metal VSR-10 specification trigger box with high quality internals, and a light trigger pull. Airsoft professionals can also swap the piston and cylinder for VSR-10 parts, and this adds up to a rifle that pushes 430 FPS on a good day.