ASG Dan Wesson 715 4" Revolver (Steel Grey)

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The Dan Wesson 715 is the penultimate revolver - it's a machine made for accuracy and reliability in the world dominated by S&W and Ruger. The ASG replica of the Dan Wesson 715 is no different. It's finished in an attractive steel reflective finish, with a removable orange tip. The rubber grips are a vast improvement on prior airsoft grips, with a comfortable ergonomic fit. A small unobtrusive safety allows one to make the gun safe, as well as giving one the option to ignore it for a more purist approach. Once unlatched, the cylinder spins smoothly, and is very easy to load. The barrel is weighted for balance, while the sights are adjustable to ensure precision meets accuracy. 

Speaking of accuracy, the Dan Wesson 715 is built for it. The sights are ridged to reduce reflection, allowing for a distraction-free sight picture. Trigger pull is superb. Pulling the trigger in single-action is a dream - there's no creep as the trigger is right on the break, and once pulled there is little overtravel. A careful shooter will learn that the break point is clear and present, even in the double-action mode. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the Dan Wesson 715 is the first revolver with a hop-up that can be adjusted. You now have range, consistency, and accuracy, making this gun potent.


  • Authentic trademarks
  • Full metal body
  • Hogue imitation rubber grip design with carved DW logo
  • Unique front cylinder release latch functionality
  • Integrated tool for tightening CO2 cartridge
  • Rough patterned hammer design for improved thumb grip
  • Better and more precise drum lock design
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • 4" barrel
  • Easy accessible adjustable hop-up system
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • Discreet safety switch
  • Fully licensed by Dan Wesson, CZ-USA
  • Compatibility with existing Dan Wesson cartridges in the market (Item# ASG-16549)

Includes: Speedloader and six cartridges

*NOTE - Low power/velocity cartridges are available*