Mach 1 Airsoft Job Posting (Toronto, ON) – Part Time

Position: Part-Time Flex, Sales Associate & other related duties.
Duration: Permanent Weekly Hours: 15-29 Hours per Week
Compensation: Commensurate with Experience - Hourly


Mach 1 Airsoft is a Canadian pioneer, having started back in 2008 with the goal of making airsoft accessible to the Canadian population. We are satisfaction driven, service focused, and safety inspired. Your job, as an employee at our company, is to make sure that we meet and exceed expectations in these three areas.

Mandatory Requirements

-Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


- Must be of good moral character and habits – this includes drug use and online posting habits
- Must be at least 18 years of age or older

Customer Service:

- Provide personable and friendly service to clients at our Toronto showroom
- Communicate professionally through phone, email, in-person, and social media
- Anticipate and response to individual customer needs with custom approaches
- Perform dealer outreach and maintain existing dealer relationships and accounts
- De-escalate and resolve client conflicts in a friendly and professional manner
- Attend sales events such as Conventions, to represent the company
- Be comfortable with interacting with members of the military and law enforcement

Firearms Safety:

- Know and practice the fundamentals of safe gun handling, as it pertains to all guns
- Understand, and be able to explain Canadian firearm regulations as it pertains to airsoft
- Resolve unsafe situations involving airsoft guns in a variety of situations

Market Knowledge:

- Be aware of new products entering the market, and their advantages/disadvantages
- Be able to compare several products on strengths and weaknesses for clients as requested
- Be in tune with what our customers desire, and make that known to management

Order Maintenance:
- Perform shipping duties, including but not limited to: Item collection, packaging, exception handling, and labeling
- Maintaining inventory, adding new products, creating sales, and processing orders

Optional Requirements
Optional requirements are as follow. Please note that you will be tested on these requirements if you indicate you possess them:

Gun Tech Services – GAS:

- Intermediate to Advanced Level
- Strong background in TM and TM clone pistols such as Glocks and P226s
- Ability to pickup knowledge of other gun systems quickly
- Able to perform the following operations:

o Trigger group functionality repair
o Hopup and barrel swap
o FPS adjustment and efficiency tuning
o Custom build projects
o Magazine seal repairs

Gun Tech Services – AEG:

- Intermediate to Advanced Level
- Strong background in V2 and V3 gearbox work
- Ability to pick up knowledge of other gun systems quickly
- Able to perform the following operations:

o Trigger contact swaps
o Basic wiring and rewiring
o Gear swaps
o MOSFET and controller installs
o Spring changes
o Hop-up and barrel installation
o Motor height adjustment
o Air seal improvements

Service Advising:
- Troubleshoot and identify issues in problem guns
- Explain issues to customer, and write up a repair request
- Remain in communication with client at every step of the process
- Document all steps, parts replaced, and communication for internal reports

Component Sourcing:
- Have a knowledge of parts compatibility with certain platforms
- Know which parts do not interface well with which parts
- Source components required for repairs from third-parties, and direct clients to obtain parts to complete repair

Essential Competencies

-You will be expected to demonstrate the following competencies in an interview:

- Teamwork
- Competence
- Communication
- Accountability
- Integrity
- Self-Control
- Reliability


Interested? Send the following items to, while carbon copying

- Cover Letter (1 Paragraph Maximum)
- Resume (2 Page Maximum)
- Your Airsoft History (1 Page Report)