Holiday Stocking

It's that time of year again!


The team at Mach1 has decided to release a limited number of stockings for this years stocking give away to maximize your chance at our grand prize.

We're going to sell a total of 50 stockings. 

Each stocking will come with lots of goodies as well as some really attractive higher priced items.

Included in each stocking will be a raffle ticket.  


How does this contest work?

If we sell under 25 stockings, we will raffle off a CYMA shotgun. 

If we sell between 26-49 stockings We will raffle off a VFC ES Quake 

If we sell that 50th and final stocking, the lucky winner of the raffle will win both the CYMA Shotgun and VFC Quake!


The twist with this raffle is that you get to choose your stocking.  All stockings will be numbered 1-50.  Whether in-store or online, you get to choose the stocking number. 


Let's make this a quick one and sell these stockings in record time.  See you in store or snatch them up online.


Good luck!!  The Draw will be made on the first week of February. 

Each Stocking will consist of the following: 
Stocking 1 - Batteries
7.4 Lipo 

Stocking 2 - Visibility
.20 Tracer BB's
Glow sticks (chemlight)
Kill Rag

Stocking 3 - CQB 
Green Gas
Mesh Mask

Stocking 4 -Random
Some stockings will have mixed items or will have the following.:
ASG 715 Revolver
TT-33 Pistol
TF-11 (Mac-11)
AI XL Burst
TAG Flash-bang grenade (one time use). 

Buy your stockings here today!

Mach 1 Airsoft Holiday Stocking

$29.95 Each + Tax