Odin M12 Sidewinder (Multiple Variations)

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Crank out victory with the M12 sidewinder from Odin innovations!

1,600 Round BB Reservoir allows approximately 10 Midcap Magazines to be filled, before having to refill the loader.

Simple Intuitive design uses no batteries, Just Insert your mag and crank away until it's full.
Each turn of the crank feed 12 BB's.

A Clutch system prevents overfilling of Magazines just Crank away and the Odin will do all the work.

A Combination of a Gear less Direct Drive System,  Reinforced nylon fiber construction and a One year manufacturer warranty ensures this loader will remain a loyal companion for years to come. 

The hand crank folds away for storage, the Loader fits into Double M4/M16 mag Pouches for rapid redeployment.

Comes in Solid Black or a Translucent Smoked Grey.