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PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine (EPM) Dark Earth

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The PTS Enhanced Polymer Magazine or EPM mid capacity magazine differs greatly from the competition.

Constructed from Dupont Zytem™ thermoplastic polyamide with Dark Earth finish. This magazine offers high strength, abrasion and impact resistance. With a unique snag free design, Recessed panels on the magazine body allow for better grip on the magazine by the user.

Holding approx 150 rounds with a bright orange coloured follower, the shooter can with a quick glance estimate ammunition remaining inside the mag. 

This can be done by noting the location of the follower. Double injection molded rubber floor-plate is compatible PMAG® RANGER PLATE™. By itself the magazine base-plate has ribbed edges that allow for quicker magazine extraction from deeper magazine. 

Translucent magazine internals allow for easier maintenance task, by offering higher visibility.

A improved high compression spring allows for greater efficency in BB feeding at higher rates of fire.

This magazine is designed for the user that wants more out of a magazine than just hold ammunition.