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Precision Dynamics Laser Bore Sight Red

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Laser bore sights are a excellent tool to assist with the zeroing of a firearm. 

Before installing the bore sight on a rifle, check to ensure no ammunition is loaded. Be mindful of what the barrel will be pointed at. 

This model is placed in the muzzle of the rifle and if setup correctly will show the mechanical zero of the barrel up to 25ft (Daytime) -100ft (In lower light).

They can be used to adjust sights and scopes to near zero, with final fine adjustments done by the shooter with live ammunition.

Laser Boresight Brand Red Laser Sight 

Adjustable for windage and elevation
Aluminum Construction with Black Finish, Uses x3 LR44 Batteries (Included).

4 Included adapters for use on barrels from .22 to .50 Caliber.

.220 - .270 cal
.280 - .349 cal
.350 - .434 cal
.435 - .500 cal 

5.95mm- 6mm  0.23 Caliber- 0.24 Caliber

For fine tuning of the .22 Cal adapter, it is advisable to add a layer of heat shrink tubing for a closer fit, depending on bore.

Height over bore refers to the error induced when a optic is mounted higher than the bore axis. This typically results with a shot hitting lower than the point of aim at closer ranges, a skilled shooter can compensate for the error. 

Normally this is not a problem as the ranges where height over bore becomes a issue is typically very short. However some airsofters mount optics very high due to protective mask, and certain sights do not adjust low enough to adequately compensate for the shorter ranges for closer quarters engagements.