FMA Caiman Helmet (Ballistic Style) Tan (Size M-L)

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A faithful replica of the Caiman ballistic helmet. 

ABS Engineering polymer shell is impact resistant in high or low temperatures.
This helmet features a modern high cut coms ready shell with optional accessory mount.

The accessory mount allow for nearly seamless integration with most communication/hearing protection headsets. Ventilation slots integrated into the helmet shell  ensures positive air flow into the helmet. 

Unique Velcro design to attach patches, kill lights and other helmet accessories.

3 hole Shroud allows for attachment of cameras and head mounted optical devices.

Fully adjustable composite suspension system. The suspension system provides effective impact protection, while maintaining helmet stability and user comfort. 


ABS Engineering polymer
Aluminum Alloy
TPU (Thermo plastic urethane)
High elasticity EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
70KG Slow rebound sponge
High and Slow rebound sponge  
Double-sided flannelet material

Weight: 860g.
Size: Large, adjustable for players within 61cm [57-61cm].
Colour: Foliage Green

Manual assembly of velcro and padding is required.

Warning: Helmet has no ballistic protection.