Baofeng UV5R-TX Triband Radio

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Introducing the Baofeng UV5R-TX tri band radio, based on the widely used UV-5R chassis, this 2 way hand held radio boast many features found on much more expensive brands/models all in one low cost package.

As with other 5 watt handheld radios, Line of sight will ultimately dictate effective range. Transmission power will help with penetration of minor obstructions, but at the cost of licensing and power requirements. Transmitting at overly high power levels without permission or licensing may cause interference and may result in a Fine. 
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Narrowband 12.5kHz (Amateur radio band License required*) 
Wideband 25kHz  (Amateur radio band License required*) 
1.25 Meter Band (Amateur radio band License required*) 220-260mhz

UHF  (FRS/GMRS* Requires programing for use400-519.975MHz
VHF ( Marine/MURS* Where Applicable) 136- 173.975 MHz

Transmission output: 1W - 5W
Battery pack: Li-ion 7.4V 1500mAH
Antenna: SMA Male connector (Short Antenna and mid length Wip antenna Included)


Kenwood PTT compatible interface: This radio can be equipped to use kenwood compatible headsets and Push to talk buttons, this will allow for near hands free operation. Included is one Mono Earpiece with built in Microphone and PTT.

DTFM (Dual tone Multi Frequency) Command Tones. UV5RTX can be programed to respond to certain command tones to Disable transmission functions(Stun), Disable
all radio functions (Kill), Re-enable radio functions (Revive), Remotely access microphone (Monitor) and check if radio is within transmission range (Inspect)

Support for Group Tones
DTMF  (Dual tone Multi Frequency)
CTCSS (Continuous Tone-Coded Squelch System)
DCS  (Digital-Coded Squelch)

Automated privy codes, generally used for accessing repeaters or for filtering out unwanted transmissions that do not have the correct codes/tones. Group tones can be used for ANI (Automatic number identification) which allow for call-signs to be assigned to units within a group.

Dual Watch mode

The UV5R-TX can operate in semi duplex mode and monitor two channels (Frequencies do not have to be the same). Transmission priory is given to incoming call.

Internal VOX
(Voice activated transmission) or handsfree mode can be enabled.
Users can set VOX delay and activation level.

Radio  VFO (Variable Frequency Oscillator) 
can be front programmed or programmed via CHRP  (with programming cable *not included). 128 Channels can be programmed into memory.

VFO refers to the pairing of a frequency to a certain memory slot.

*Radios are sold un-programmed, it is up to the user to program the handheld radio to correct frequencies and transmission power. Failure to abide by Industry Canada regulations may result in a fine or seizure of equipment. Mach1 airsoft is not liable for any misuse and fines that may occur when operating radio equipment without a license.*