LCT LCKM-63 (AMD-63)

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LCT LCKM-63, modeled after the Hungarian AMD 63 Rifle, is a improvement on the previous Hungarian Military AKM. Designed for regular soldiers in mind this rifle retains much of the handling characteristics of a AKM rifle with slight improvements that are also found on the later AMD-65

Like it's younger brother the AMD-65, the AMD-63 has a Hungarian style Metal ventilated lower handguard. A integral vertical grip is built into the rifle with a slight forward cant to allow for magazine clearance. 

A specialized exposed elongated gas tube is a unique feature to this family of weapons system. 

The Gun retains the standard barrel length and sighting radius of a AKM rifle. 
This model from LCT remains unique by having a wooden pistol grip installed onto a stamped AKM receiver, where as most have a polymer or imitation Bakelite pistol grip.


Gun Length: 870 mm
Outer Barrel Length: 230mm
Inner Barrel Length: ~400mm
Hopup Type: AK Type

Weight: 3,480 g
Muzzle Velocity: ~400 FPS
Battery Type: 9.6V 1600 Mah Ni-Mh, 8.4v 1600 MAH Ni-MH Mini Brick or 7.4v 1600MAH Brick Lipo
*Batteries Not Included*

Connector size: Small Tamiya (Rearwired to buttstock)
Mag: Capacity 600 rounds High Capacity 
Motor: Short Type
Gearbox: Version 3 (AK Type)
Material: Steel and Wood
Fire Selector: AK Lever, Safe, Semi Automatic