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Also known as the AK-101 (5.56x45mm) and the AK-103 (7.62x39mm)
The AK-74M is the main service rifle of the Russian federation.

Boasting a side folding full buttstock and soviet optic mount standard on every rifle
the 74M is based off hard learned lessons from Afghanistan to Chechnya.

Replacing both the AK-74 and AKS-74 rifle from 1999 to today this universal service rifle has remained the mainstay of Russian small arms and will be updated once again with the new Universal upgrade Kit from 2015 onwards, to meet the ever changing demands imposed by a change in how wars are fought.


Gun Length: 830 to 950mm 
Outer Barrel Length: 369mm
Inner Barrel Length: ~443mm
Hopup Type: AK Type

Weight: 3,500 g
Muzzle Velocity: ~400 FPS
Battery Type: 9.6v 1600MaH NIMH AK Stick Battery 
*Batteries Not Included*

Connector size: Small Tamiya (Top wired to Dust cover)
Mag: Capacity 600 rounds High Capacity 
Motor: Short Type
Gearbox: Version 3 
Material: Steel and Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: AK Lever Safe, Semi Automatic, Automatic