APS CAM 870 MK3 Magnum

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"Walk softly a carry a big stick" 

In this case the big stick refers to a classic wood furniture Remington model 870 from APS.

This shell ejecting facsimile of the popular Remington model 870 brings a new level of realism for the 3 gun shooter or for the collectors out there. 

The CAM870 CO2 shotguns are designed from the ground up to mimic the actual function of a real 870. 

You will not find multiple inner barrels as found on other designs, instead 
the system uses a wad cup to propel shot down a open barrel. Upon clearing the barrel air resistance will cause the wadding to separate from the BB's. 
Each shell holds 11 6mm BBs.

The system truly deserves the title air shotgun, as it achieves a level of shot spread unrivaled to comparable shotguns. when compared to it's competitors that use other methods (Multiple barrels)


Gun Length:  1000mm
Hopup Type: N/A 
Weight: 2700 grams
Muzzle Velocity: ~366+ FPS * As per manufacturer
Mag: Capacity:  7+1 
Power Source: CO2 contained in shell ( 88gram or 12 gram with adapter, compatible with CO2 paintball tanks ( *shot shells not designed to be filled HPA tanks*)
Material:  Aluminum alloy,polymer, Stainless steel,Steel, Wood
Fire Selector: Cross-bolt Safety  (Safe, Fire ) 

Shot shells, wadding, Shell Catcher and CO2 loading tool not included.

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