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King Arms FN P90 TR Ultra Grade Black

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King Arms FN P90 Tactical Ultra Grade Black

The FN P90R Tactical is a Personal Defense Weapon which was designed for close combat situations. The Ultra Grade FN P90 Tactical is the finest P90 facsimile produced by Kingarm.

The Ultra grade features fully Licensed FN Herstal trades that can be found on a both sides of the lower receiver. The Upper receiver features a Unique Serial Number found on the left side of the upper receiver. 

The gun features a Die cast metal upper receiver with a reinforced Nylon fiber lower receiver.

Both the cocking handle, magazine catch and fire selector are ambidextrous out of the box. Two side MIL-SPEC rails and top rail can be found on the upper receive,  for mounting red dot sight and other accessories.

A Built in adjustable iron sight on the top rail and two fixed backup iron sights on both sides of the optical sight base. Allow for back up sighting in case of catastrophic failure of primary sighting devices.

The piece includes a standard 6mm bushing gearbox itself being much more reliable than the bearings found on the regular grade P90. 

A easily accessible quick spring change gearbox allows the user to replace the mainspring to adjust for different energy levels.

Gun Length: 505mm

Inner Barrel Length: 255mm
Hopup Type: Polymer P90 Rotary Type
Weight: 2100g
Muzzle Velocity: ~366+ FPS
Battery Type: 7.4v 16000 MaH LiPo Numchuck, 9.6v 1600 MaH NIMH Brick
*Batteries Not Included*
Connector size: Small Tamiya
Battery Location: Stock (Front wired)
Mag. Capacity 30 rounds High Capacity 
Motor: Short Type
Gearbox: 6mm Ver.6
Material: Die Cast Alloy and Nylon Fiber
Fire Selector: 3 Position Ambidextrous Selector dial below trigger (Safe, Single, Auto)