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The Tokyo Marui XDM – Diamond in the Rough

        I often get asked by the many customers that come into Mach 1 about the gun that everybody overlooks. A gun that may be unassuming, but when put in the right hands is quite the standout. While everybody’s drawn to the latest M9 or Glock or M&P, not enough people know about the Springfield XDM by Tokyo Marui.

What makes a great pistol?

        My mantra on pistols is simple. Make it idiot proof and you’ll have a great pistol. Too many guns tout the newest features and options, but overlook the training required to ensure someone is proficient with said gun. The XDM is one of those pistols where it’s extremely easy to pick up and develop one’s skills with.

XDM Safety

        For starters, the XDM doesn’t have any manual safeties. That’s one less thing to train someone on. What it does have are two passive safeties – a grip safety and a trigger safety. Proper handling of the gun will deactivate the safeties making it ready for use without having to manipulate any additional controls. Furthermore, a pin on the back of the slide protrudes letting the user know when the gun is cocked and ready to fire. With some pistols like the M&P, it is difficult to ascertain that the gun is cocked without cycling it again. Now, obviously the ideal situation is for one to know if their gun is cocked and locked, but for a beginner it is great for peace of mind.

Where the XDM’s ergonomics meet practicality

        The XDM delivers beyond this focus on safety. It’s designed with ergonomics in mind. Perhaps, a little too much in the way of ergonomics, as the looks are pretty polarizing. It could be a modern art masterpiece. Sharp and angled, it’s definitely military art taken to an extreme. However, out of this bold styling comes many benefits. The slide serrations are sharp and big, allowing for easy grasp both at the front and rear of the slide. The slide release is nice and big to ensure adequate manipulation. The grip has three interchangeable back straps to fit one’s hand and the magazine catch is ambidextrous for the use of our southpaw friends.


        Our particular XDM is made by TM and is made with quality in mind. the 4.5” model points well, and has the heft to match. While it may look like the result of a 1911 and Glock having a one night stand, it’s a damn good pistol at a damn good price point.

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